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D is for Days out

We’ve just come back home, from an afternoon in Llanarchaeron. It’s a Georgian mansion with model farm, walled garden, lake, walks in the woods etc. For some odd reason we always seem to go in the autumn or winter. This … Continue reading

B is for birds

The two legged kind! And you have to say that with a leer and a wink. Today I would like to discuss my daughter and her struggle with bloomin’ stupid men who think that people of the female persuasion cannot … Continue reading

It’s very strange…..

…but I could swear I had made at least one more post after the one about religion. Ah memory, how you like to play around with my poor brain. I must have dreamt I had written something. Anyway, I am … Continue reading

Losing my religion

…in the REM way, of losing my temper. I tried not to lose it, but a silly, evangelising “Christian” old woman really got under my skin. In my opinion; and I am aware that other people think differently; relgion is … Continue reading