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D is for Days out

We’ve just come back home, from an afternoon in Llanarchaeron. It’s a Georgian mansion with model farm, walled garden, lake, walks in the woods etc. For some odd reason we always seem to go in the autumn or winter. This is the first time in years that we’ve visited when the sun was actually shining. It was pretty busy as they’re running a children’s Easter egg hunt over the weekend. But it was lovely to see families of children actually running around, enjoying the animals and all that fresh air and sunshine that so few of them seem to get these days.

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B is for birds

The two legged kind! And you have to say that with a leer and a wink. Today I would like to discuss my daughter and her struggle with bloomin’ stupid men who think that people of the female persuasion cannot possibly know anything much about their pet hobby of ornithology.

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It’s very strange…..

…but I could swear I had made at least one more post after the one about religion. Ah memory, how you like to play around with my poor brain. I must have dreamt I had written something.

Anyway, I am here today to rant away about body image in the Pagan press. Ah yes, if there was a group of people that you would think would not be all over the thin-is-good thing, and ageism to boot, it would be Pagans. Of which I count myself in that number.

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Losing my religion

…in the REM way, of losing my temper. I tried not to lose it, but a silly, evangelising “Christian” old woman really got under my skin.

In my opinion; and I am aware that other people think differently; relgion is a personal thing. One’s own religion is just that, one’s own. So I have little time for evangelism and I am losing my patience as well. I was in Cardiff with my daughter, on a hot day, and having put in a lot of walking, I wanted to sit on a bench in the shade and rest for a few minutes. As you do.

I saw an old lady handing out leaflets, or trying to hand them out. I thought that she was probably handing out menus as she was working the street in front of a takeaway noodle shop. But then she spotted me and started walking towards me. I remember that I probably smiled, tentatively as I believe in being polite whenever possible. As she handed one of her leaflets to me, I realised that it was a religious tract. I said no thank you, politely, but this woman would just not take no for an answer. She said “don’t you believe in Jesus?” in such a patronising, pitying tone. I was getting annoyed. After all, I was hot and tired and not up for a religious discussion. Not on the street. Otherwise I probably would not have told her that I am a Pagan. Then the shocked, horrified and even more pitying expression on her face really annoyed me. She said something like “oh no, oh that’s awful”.

Luckily for my blood pressure, a old man, who had been sitting behind me, got up and engaged her in conversation about the man who was polluting the air with his out-of-tune and unwanted caterwauling about Jesus, further down the street. Incidentally, he was trying to compete against a man who was singing a song from “Phantom of the Opera” for charity. It’s interesting that this so-called Christian man was trying to impede the efforts of a man who was just trying to raise money for a worthy cause. But anyway, the old man distracted the woman long enough for me to get up and walk away.

Muslims don’t do it; Sikhs don’t do it; Buddhists, Hindus and Pagans don’t do it. So what makes some Christians arrogant enough to think that accosting people on hot days and being patronising and irritating is acceptable? If they’re trying to convert people then they’re going about it the wrong way. And now my opinion of some Christians is reinforced. I am more than glad, thank the Goddess, that I am a Pagan!

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