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I’ve got folks visiting from swap-bot and I haven’t tidied the place up yet! If you’re here from swap-bot, welcome! And if you’re not, but you’re here anyway, welcome to you too! I have taken leave of my senses obviously, … Continue reading

Letters and all that kind of thing

I’ve been riding one of my hobby horses again, this time letter-writing, penpals, stationery and all that sort of thing. I’ve also been looking at a lot of blogs on the subject. I toyed with the idea of starting up … Continue reading

Grrrr verisign. Just saying

So, verisign is putting the price of com/net/org domains by 7% again. I can’t understand why they need to put the price up every year. It’s not as if they have to buy a lot of stock that’s also gone … Continue reading

Vote for change?

I had a look at the website this evening. They reckon that if I vote for Plaid Cymru it will help a hung parliament to be acheived. But you know what? I’m not going to do it. Call me … Continue reading


It’s what, the second week of the election campaign and I’m bored already. Actually, I was bored last week. Hate politics with a passion. Hate. It. Can’t stand the two major parties as they’re both a bunch of lying liars. … Continue reading

Beginning again

No, not beginning a blog all over again (though I’ve been guilty of that a fair few times). I lost just about everything I’d ever put onto a computer over the past few years, when my external hard drive fried. … Continue reading


I was sitting on the ‘bus this morning, as you do. It was a typical tuesday morning crowd. There was a young woman with her two year old son on her knee at the front, and I sat down in … Continue reading

I’ll Never Stop Being A Mummy

Today I want to write about mummy blogs (or mommy blogs, if you’re from t’other side of the Big Pond).  Oh, and why they irritate me. Oh come on, I don’t mean that I’m irritated by people, specifically mothers, who … Continue reading

Hwyl Fawr 2009

I’m not going to do one of those “that was the year” things. Oh who am I trying to kid, of course I am! Thankfully, none of the cats broke any of their legs this year and we didn’t loose … Continue reading

Everybody Else Does

I’ve been looking round at other people’s blogs, as you do. I noticed a few things about the really popular blogs; you know the ones I mean, the ones that are so successful that the bloggers are able to live … Continue reading