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It’s very strange…..

…but I could swear I had made at least one more post after the one about religion. Ah memory, how you like to play around with my poor brain. I must have dreamt I had written something.

Anyway, I am here today to rant away about body image in the Pagan press. Ah yes, if there was a group of people that you would think would not be all over the thin-is-good thing, and ageism to boot, it would be Pagans. Of which I count myself in that number.

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Shetland’s Red Bones

It’s not uncommon to read the book after watching a TV series or movie. And it’s not uncommon to find that the book in infinitely better than the said TV series or movie. But Ann Cleeves’ “Red Bones” is so much better than the TV version, “Shetland”, as to be quite ridiculous.

To begin with, her description of the central character, Detective Jimmy Perez. An odd sort of name for a Scot, especially one living in Shetland, you would think. ms Cleeves writes “Perez was what the locals a black Shetlander; his ancestor had been washed up from a sunken Spanish Armada ship. He’d inherited the name, the dark hair and Mediterranean skin.” Now go and look at a picture of Douglas Henshall, who played Perez at the Internet Movie Database. Go on, I can wait.

Back? See what I mean? I know, it doesn’t really matter. Douglas Henshall is great in anything he does. I love that craggy, worn to a frazzle look. (But no woman would be allowed to look like that and still act. Even Brenda Blethyn as Ann Cleeve’s other detective, Vera, was allowed to be frumpy but relatively unlined, compared to Mr. Henshall.) But it was just incongruous to have such a pale, Scottish looking man with the surname Perez and still be a native of Shetland!

Mind you, that wasn’t the only oddity. In the novel, the two warring families are the Wilsons and the Coulsons. But in Shetland, they were the Haldanes and Wilsons. Cassie, Jimmy’s stepdaughter, is a baby and her mother is still alive, in the novel. While in the series she’s a teenager and her mother is dead. Again, I know it probably doesn’t matter as the TV plot had to pared down to fit. But arghhh!

It’s such a shame that the TV version was so, not great. It’s second episode clashed with Broadchurch, which is so much better. I liked Shetland, really. I quite fell in love with the islands. They’ve always been so for me. I live in a semi-rural area of Wales and it’s just not rural enough or isolated enough for me. I could see myself living in a croft, with no neighbours and just a few black rock hens for company. (I’m not so much a mad cat lady as a mad hen lady!) The two-part series was interesting enough to make me want to read the book. But oh how disappointing when I figured out the reason for the murder in the first episode. I wear glasses and am both short-sighted and near-sighted with astigmatism, but I could see the valuable clue before Perez did.

Ah well, I enjoyed it despite the bad adaption. And I wouldn’t mind seeing more of DI Perez on the small screen. Though that may be a tad difficult as “they” went with adapting the third book in the series instead of the first. So I’d guess that it’s going to stay as a one-off. And Broadchurch is still on, for another five weeks!

Vote for change?

I had a look at the website this evening. They reckon that if I vote for Plaid Cymru it will help a hung parliament to be acheived. But you know what? I’m not going to do it. Call me crazy, but I don’t give a gnat’s chuff for parliament. It’s full of lying liars and it won’t be any better for a hung, drawn or quartered government. I vote for my local MP, he’s the one who matters to me; it’s his actions which will directly impact on Ceredigion. I like our LibDem MP, he’s one of the good guys, which is pretty rare these days. So I’m voting for him. The hung parliament campaign can get stuffed; they’re not going to help when I’m worried about battery hens, or my husband needs someone to go bat for him with Arriva Trains Wales when they act like numpties once again.

I’l vote Plaid when the elections for the National Assembly rolls around because the best government for Wales is Welsh. But for the big one, it’s LibDem all the way for me.

Silly Shelley

I wish Shelley would learn to go into her little house at night by herself. She’s been with us, what; a month now? And I still have to go into her run from half past 8 to 9 at night and pick her up off the fence between her run and Inara’s and put her into her house. Which is a lot easier written down. She usually starts squawking that she’s been molested, that she’s going to be Murdered!! Last night, the silly bint managed to get her wings free from my hold and was clawing me so much that when I dropped her into her house, she banged herself against it.

I wish she’d realise that it’s as traumatic for me as it is for her, to have to do this every night. I hate that she is so frightened when I pick her up. She likes to run up to me and scratch around by my feet; she’ll even peck at my foot. But if I try to touch her she goes bananas. Whereas old Inara is happy to hunker down and let me stroke her. I’ve tried doing that in front of Shelley, to try to let her see that I really don’t mean any harm to silly little feathery girls.

There are times when I wish our neighbour hadn’t been so generous. His gift has caused us so much trouble. Not only in the expense of having to buy Shelley a new house, but that it makes it difficult for us now to reorganise the two runs as we had planned to do, when they’re rebuilt. I guess the moral is, think twice, think three times before you decide to give someone something out of the blue. It was a very kind thought and I am very grateful, but to be honest, I wish he hadn’t done it. Or had given us two bantams, or asked if we’d like to buy another to keep Shelley company.

A good deed can be a burden to the gifted. *sigh*

musing on a sunday

P asked me, which party will I be voting for this year and why. (Why he asks me these questions when I’m in the bath I do not know!) I thought about it and said:

Definitely not the Conservatives. They’re not for the likes of ee and me and I deeply regret having voted for Mrs Thatcher first time around. They’re not interested in any group of people except people like themselves: Eton etc., Oxford, that kind of thing. They’re not vicious, just callous.

Labour? No thanks. Their problem is that they invariably come in after several terms as the shadow party, nipping at the heels of the greater mortals. And when they do suddenly get into government, they don’t know what to do with all that power. They start off with good, noble intentions; faces shining with pride in the working class. But then power corrupts them and they quickly become venal, dishonest, selfish and greedy. And they make stupid decisions that the rest of us have to pay for.

The Liberals? Well now, I suspect that they could actually do a decent job, if they were given a chance. They’re honest: the current leader has gone on record saying that they will have to backtrack on their promise to stop student loans and give grants instead, because they just cannot afford it in the current financial situtation that we’re all in. I admire them for them. Their honesty is refreshing given all the crap we’ve had to put up with from the Labour party. And if the Liberals had been in power, I doubt that we would have so blindly followed the USA into Iraq.

But, I’ll probably vote Liberal in the next election simply because I like our local MP. Mark Williams is a decent chap who actually answers his emails, unlike a lot of technology-challenged bods. Our family have all had occasion to ask his advice, or to give ours, on several topics (mine was on the plight of battery hens) and he has always sent an answer. He went to bat against Arriva Trains on behalf of P, who travels to London and back every week. Personally, I could care tuppence about the national government (and that goes for the National Assembly). Mr Williams is a good chap in my book, and he’s getting my vote!

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