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A is for…..

…and wouldn’t you know it, my mind has gone blank! I had a busy morning as it was wednesday. Well of course it was and is wednesday, silly chump. What I mean is, every wednesday, I go walking with a … Continue reading

Show Of Hands

No, I’m not asking anyone to wave their hands around in the air. It’s the name of a band I’ve just “discovered”. I was in Andy’s Records in Aber today, looking for an album by The Imagined Village. (Yes, I’m … Continue reading

So I changed my mind

Okay, I decided to build a new blog for letter writing stuff after all. It’s The Rhydgaled Post. Yes, I’ve joined the blogging letter writers! In other news, it’s hot. And I hate the heat with a vengeance. Can we … Continue reading

late monday night

It’s one of those occasions when I want to write something, but can’t think of anything to write about. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? I guess I’ll just waffle on and hope that I find something as … Continue reading

Mardy Monday

Well, what else could I call it? I love mondays, as a rule. But today is proving to be the exception. I spent a bit of a restless night. I remember I was dreaming something or other than involved David … Continue reading

First Past The Post

So, this is my second attempt at having myself a “proper” wordpress blog. Let’s see if we can actually make it work this time. I had one before at a different domain, but I got sick and tired of all … Continue reading