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Shetland’s Red Bones

It’s not uncommon to read the book after watching a TV series or movie. And it’s not uncommon to find that the book in infinitely better than the said TV series or movie. But Ann Cleeves’ “Red Bones” is so … Continue reading

Bad Books

If you look at my list of 52 books that I’ve read this year, you’ll see that I’ve included a book called “For Death Comes Softly” by Hilary Bonner. I thought about it a couple of times before I added … Continue reading

late monday night

It’s one of those occasions when I want to write something, but can’t think of anything to write about. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? I guess I’ll just waffle on and hope that I find something as … Continue reading


Well, I’ve managed to finish my first book of the year and watched my first movie. I didn’t actually go to the cinema though. I have something of an aversion to cinemas, so all the movies, if not most of them, … Continue reading