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F is for Faith

I should have written this yesterday. But I forgot! F is for forgetful. Well, I’m not used this blogging every day lark. I shouldn’t be writing this today as I’m so bone tired. But if I don’t then that’s three I’d have to write tomorrow and that way lies madness. So you’re getting F for faith today.

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E is for… Eee by the ‘eck lad!

Which is my way of saying I am stumped. I’ve thought about it all day and I cannot come up with an entry for “e”. I know, I know, you’re thinking for heavens sake woman, it’s staring you in the face! E could be for Easter. Thing is, I don’t celebrate Easter. I’m a Pagan, so this sabbat is Ostara. And it actually began on march 21, which was the spring equinox. Oh yes, we had chocolate eggs, went out on saturday to Llanarchaeron and watched the children running around on an Easter egg hunt. But it’s not the same, when it’s not your festival. I “get it” when devout Christians get narked about how commercial Christmas has become, because Samhain is my sabbat. But it’s Hallowe’en for everyone else, so it’s all about cute costumes for children, sexy this-and-that costumes for women, and lots of sweets. But for me it’s about honouring the people I love who have gone on into the Summerlands. Okay, people I care about who have died. Ahem, so it’s a solemn and serious time for me. Also, my mother died on november 1 2010, which makes it even more serious.

But y’know, I wouldn’t stop people from enjoying it in their own way. Nor would I want to even tell people they shouldn’t overindulge on oval shaped chocolate, or stop calling it Easter. It is what it is. It doesn’t matter whether it started thousands of years ago or just two thousand, or whether it goes by other names: when you boil it down, it’s a nice time to spend a day or so with the family, out in the spring air and enjoying the end of winter. Or the end of summer, if you live on t’other side of the world.

So this isn’t much of a blog entry, but it will do for today. I’m just getting into the idea of blogging every day so I’ll be gentle with myself and accept that there are going to be some days when I will struggle.

D is for Days out

We’ve just come back home, from an afternoon in Llanarchaeron. It’s a Georgian mansion with model farm, walled garden, lake, walks in the woods etc. For some odd reason we always seem to go in the autumn or winter. This is the first time in years that we’ve visited when the sun was actually shining. It was pretty busy as they’re running a children’s Easter egg hunt over the weekend. But it was lovely to see families of children actually running around, enjoying the animals and all that fresh air and sunshine that so few of them seem to get these days.

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