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Letters and all that kind of thing

I’ve been riding one of my hobby horses again, this time letter-writing, penpals, stationery and all that sort of thing. I’ve also been looking at a lot of blogs on the subject. I toyed with the idea of starting up … Continue reading

A rude awakening

Inara decided that morning began at half past 7 today. She was up on her high perch (the one P thought was too high for Madam’s dainty legs, hah!) and giving it beak enough to wake up the whole of … Continue reading

Oooh, me lumbago!

It’s been a painful week, taken all in all. The Cough is still plaguing the bejeebus out of me and making me wake up at least three times a night. Which is not good for the sleep at all. But … Continue reading

I’ll Never Stop Being A Mummy

Today I want to write about mummy blogs (or mommy blogs, if you’re from t’other side of the Big Pond).  Oh, and why they irritate me. Oh come on, I don’t mean that I’m irritated by people, specifically mothers, who … Continue reading

Almost the end of the year…

…and I’ve decided that I will have a blog after all. I had half-heartedly decided to quit blogging when I let my previous blog domain,, lapse and I cancelled the hosting. But after thinking about it, well, what the … Continue reading

The sound of a lawnmower

That’s what I can hear outside this afternoon. Himself bought a new lawnmower as he’d managed to kill the other one. Correction: the garden killed it! He ran over a tree stump and the old mower broke. So when we … Continue reading


I’m still not happy with my blog’s layout. (This refers to the old soup-dragon blog.)  It’s nice, and fits the whole stone thing, but, meh. Which reminds me, I never said why stone-field. A long, long time ago (cue flashback … Continue reading

It’s a sunny day in Chancery

I live in a tiny hamlet called Chancery; or to give it it’s Welsh name, Rhyd-Galed. Which means “hard ford”. Our cottage has a name that I don’t really like, as it was a combination of the names of the … Continue reading