Monthly Archives: December 2009

Hwyl Fawr 2009

I’m not going to do one of those “that was the year” things. Oh who am I trying to kid, of course I am! Thankfully, none of the cats broke any of their legs this year and we didn’t loose … Continue reading

Everybody Else Does

I’ve been looking round at other people’s blogs, as you do. I noticed a few things about the really popular blogs; you know the ones I mean, the ones that are so successful that the bloggers are able to live … Continue reading

Nearly 5 o’clock

…on a cold, dark day and nothing much has happened. It was a milk of magnesia day, as P would say. Another day of getting up late, due to a broken night and being too ill/it being too cold for … Continue reading

Mardy Monday

Well, what else could I call it? I love mondays, as a rule. But today is proving to be the exception. I spent a bit of a restless night. I remember I was dreaming something or other than involved David … Continue reading

Things That Are

I like to give my bits of nonsense titles from things I’m listening to. Tonight it’s “Mara” by Runrig and I’m listening to the track “Things That Are”. Today is nearly over and its been a short day, one way … Continue reading

Almost the end of the year…

…and I’ve decided that I will have a blog after all. I had half-heartedly decided to quit blogging when I let my previous blog domain,, lapse and I cancelled the hosting. But after thinking about it, well, what the … Continue reading