Monthly Archives: January 2010

Oooh, me lumbago!

It’s been a painful week, taken all in all. The Cough is still plaguing the bejeebus out of me and making me wake up at least three times a night. Which is not good for the sleep at all. But … Continue reading

Beginning again

No, not beginning a blog all over again (though I’ve been guilty of that a fair few times). I lost just about everything I’d ever put onto a computer over the past few years, when my external hard drive fried. … Continue reading


I was sitting on the ‘bus this morning, as you do. It was a typical tuesday morning crowd. There was a young woman with her two year old son on her knee at the front, and I sat down in … Continue reading

late monday night

It’s one of those occasions when I want to write something, but can’t think of anything to write about. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? I guess I’ll just waffle on and hope that I find something as … Continue reading

musing on a sunday

P asked me, which party will I be voting for this year and why. (Why he asks me these questions when I’m in the bath I do not know!) I thought about it and said: Definitely not the Conservatives. They’re … Continue reading

Sixteen, Maybe Less

Last year: by which I mean 2009 of course: I picked up an album called “In The Reins” by Calexico and Iron & Wine. (Iron & Wine being the singer, Samuel Beam.) I absolutely loved it, being a big fan … Continue reading


Well, I’ve managed to finish my first book of the year and watched my first movie. I didn’t actually go to the cinema though. I have something of an aversion to cinemas, so all the movies, if not most of them, … Continue reading

I’ll Never Stop Being A Mummy

Today I want to write about mummy blogs (or mommy blogs, if you’re from t’other side of the Big Pond).  Oh, and why they irritate me. Oh come on, I don’t mean that I’m irritated by people, specifically mothers, who … Continue reading