Monthly Archives: April 2010

Silly Shelley

I wish Shelley would learn to go into her little house at night by herself. She’s been with us, what; a month now? And I still have to go into her run from half past 8 to 9 at night … Continue reading

A rude awakening

Inara decided that morning began at half past 7 today. She was up on her high perch (the one P thought was too high for Madam’s dainty legs, hah!) and giving it beak enough to wake up the whole of … Continue reading

Meant to say

One of the reasons for my absence from this site: my lohmann-brown hens were brutally slaughtered by a badger. I don’t really want to talk about it, it was horrible and I never want to go through that again.


It’s what, the second week of the election campaign and I’m bored already. Actually, I was bored last week. Hate politics with a passion. Hate. It. Can’t stand the two major parties as they’re both a bunch of lying liars. … Continue reading

There and back again

I’ve been gone away for so long, I thought the computer would have forgotten my login details. But it hadn’t, bless it’s little diodes. If it has any. I’ve had a gossiping day, having chatted with a nice lady who … Continue reading