There and back again

I’ve been gone away for so long, I thought the computer would have forgotten my login details. But it hadn’t, bless it’s little diodes. If it has any.

I’ve had a gossiping day, having chatted with a nice lady who gave me a lift to the supermarket, the taxi driver on the way home, and our nextdoor neighbour. I can usually go all day without speaking to anyone who isn’t my daughter or husband, calling on the ‘phone. But it’s been a chatty day today. The Nice Lady (whose name is Florance) lives in the next village and if she sees me standing by the road waiting for the ‘bus, she stops and picks me up. The first time she did it, she told me that she often stops to pick up women waiting for ‘buses. No men, just women: which is understandable as she is in her late 60’s and has Parkinsons.  She’s had an amazing life, being the 7th child of her family, having lived on a farm most of her life and served in the RAF in Germany. But what she likes to talk about is her family and the cat.

I had to put Shelley to bed again. Silly little bantam still hasn’t worked out that she should go into her house at night and not perch on the fence. Thing is, she was used to roosting high up when she lived at Tony’s, so I guess it will take her a while to get used to the way we do thing. I still have a dilemma though. I’d like to get her a companion, but I don’t know if it would be etiquette to ask if I could buy another bantam from Tony, after he gave us Shelley as a gift. Or get one from elsewhere. Oh the problems of being polite!

Listening to : Iron & Wine “Woman King”: an album which is far too short.

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  • Carys says:

    just a note to say hi, because i was thinking of you and missing you from dreamwidth and finally thought to see if i could spot you anyhwere else.

    i hope you’re well overall!

    allthe best,


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