It’s what, the second week of the election campaign and I’m bored already. Actually, I was bored last week. Hate politics with a passion. Hate. It. Can’t stand the two major parties as they’re both a bunch of lying liars. It makes me laugh (or would if I wasn’t so bored with it) that they’ll be promising us the moon on a stick if we vote for them. And then they’ll turn their backs on us as soon as they get into government. Mind you, on election day itself I’ll be voting three times as I have L and P’s proxy votes. We all want to vote for the same party, so I won’t have to grit my teeth and put an “x” in a box next to anyone completely contemptible. (And no, I’m not saying which party. We’re still allowed to have secret voting.) We arrived at the same conclusion quite independently, which is nice.

I can remember when I was young and Mum took my sister and I to the voting station. She had been told, in all serious, by an older woman, that it was her duty to vote for the same party as her husband. Else she would “cancel” his vote and his was the most important. What the feck did women fight for, when silly┬ápeople could actually believe rubbish like that? I’m glad to say my mother told her that she’d vote for who she wanted, whether her husband voted the same way or not. And he probably didn’t.

Anyway. Bored now. Show me kittens.