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Grrrr verisign. Just saying

So, verisign is putting the price of com/net/org domains by 7% again. I can’t understand why they need to put the price up every year. It’s not as if they have to buy a lot of stock that’s also gone up in price. So I’ve decided to let most of my com/net/org domains drop and replace them with instead. Those are cheaper and Nominet don’t hike up the price every five minutes when they feel like it.

In other news: Shelley has been laying eggs for around 16 days now! She lays the cutest little eggs that are half the size of Inara’s. However, she’s now gone broody and is proving to be a stubborn little madam about it too. Typical black rock! (Even though she’s only half a block rock.) I’m doing my best to stop her, but I’m not hard-hearted enough to force her to sleep outdoors again. I did it for one night and felt like a right cruel so-and-so. It didn’t help when she kept making miserable sounding little cheeps every time she saw me. Hens!


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  1. i’m not sure i would make her sleep outside (i assume you have predators there), but keeping her focused on the business at hand, namely laying eggs for consumption, might take a disruption in her nesting habits. maybe you could block off access to the nest after she lays, make her get up and around with the others.

    it does feel kinda mean to deny them their desire to hatch out peeps. but unless you can accommodate them space and foodwise…and peeps are so darn cute. maybe you could sell them?

    i changed my hosting provider because they suck. big time. and they charge about three times more than other hosts. it was my fault for not researching it more carefully two years ago, but now i know better. i will not pay for the privilege of my site being inaccessible, slow as snails and having to change passwords every week because they keep getting hacked. for giggles, i track general discontent with their service at

    live and learn. 🙂

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