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I Love Your Blog! Swap-Bot Swap

As part of this swap, I am to comment on my partners’ blogs.

HippoFairy: I love the reason why she gave herself that name. I also have the image of the hippos in “Fantasia”, dancing in their cute tutus! They were my favourite part of the film. I hope she doesn’t change her name to something more grown-up. Who wants to be grown up anyway! 🙂

I was interested in her post about the Hallowe’en themed things she’s been sent for SwapBot swaps. So much stuff! It’s odd, looking at that from a UK point of view. We don’t really go in for Hallowe’en as such. Oh, shops like Poundland are trying to inject a little of a more American style into the day, but it’s not really us. I think that it’s because, the UK being an old country, it’s an old festival. We still have remnants of the celebrations of Samhain (even though not all of us are Pagans). The bonfire and fireworks festival we have on november 5 is under the disguise of being about Guy Fawkes, but it’s really left over from when Samhain was celebrated with bonfires and lasted for longer than one day. It’s interesting; well, I think so anyway!

I do love the vampire and zombie bunnys she made though! They are so cute! The zombie bunny even has his own extra pink brain, which is just adorable! You have to go and take a look, could anything be any cuter? And she has pictures of hens on her blog! HENS!! You should know by now that I have something of an obsession with hens, so I was just floored by that!

CfChai: is by Rachel who lives in Singapore. I’ve been there; well, I spent one day and a night there, inbetween ‘planes when we were going back to the UK from New Zealand. It was a lovely place, as I remember it in 1978, and I’d love to go there again some day.

The blog is very pretty, I love the theme Rachel has used. She writes that she’s decided to quit some of her bad habits. She has a good idea really, of putting $1 in a pot for every time she doesn’t do something she’s trying to give up. I think I’ll do something like that for nanowrimo. Put a couple of pounds in my hen bank (a china hen instead of a piggy) for every time I reach my word goal. Mmm, good idea Rachel! You’ve given me something to think about!

Better Than Naked’s Vintage Finds: is all about vintage and handmade clothing. Misses Steff sells the items in her own online store. To be honest, I’m more into vintage paper, but this is a nice blog and the ‘photos of the models wearing the clothes are jewellery are very well done.

Hedgehog And Rabbit: is by Lindsay who also has an online store. She sells brooches, wallets and such in her etsy shop and her blog is marketing. Lindsay recommends that even business blog owners should take at least one day off a week. She’s right, family really should come first sometimes.

Butt Naked Woman: (Perhaps Butt Named Woman should get together with Better Than Naked! 🙂 ) This is Michelle’s craft blog. She had a “mini craft” weekend and made some adorable little teddy bears! She also lives in Singapore, like Rachel.

Reichanster: is by Valerie who lives in Germany. She wrote about a “Boekenfestijn” she went to in september. I’m jealous! I’d love to go to that! Lots of lovely books! (Could you smuggle me in your suitcase next time you go please?!)

Roch n’ Roll Stops The Traffic: is Elisa’s blog. She posted pics of swap-bot swaps she’s been involved in. Wow! She got some great stuff in the stuff your purse swap!

All in all, 7 very interesting blogs. It was lovely to visit them!


Doing a bit of catching up


blog move imminent!


  1. haha, i’m glad you like the HENS! 🙂 i love chickens. i wish we could have one for eggs. there’s a lady down the street. she has a pet chicken. i saw her once out in the front yard doing some gardening, and her little hen is next to her scratching at the grass. so cute! 🙂 i’m glad you like my blog and i really appreciate the nice review! 🙂 i love your blog too!

  2. Hi! thanks for the comments ^^
    Though I have to change something, I don’t live in Germany (where they talk Deutsch) I’m in Belgium where they talk Dutch 😉

  3. oh another question, where is your button?

  4. Thank you for the review!

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