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F is for Faith

I should have written this yesterday. But I forgot! F is for forgetful. Well, I’m not used this blogging every day lark. I shouldn’t be writing this today as I’m so bone tired. But if I don’t then that’s three I’d have to write tomorrow and that way lies madness. So you’re getting F for faith today.

And I suppose it’s appropriate in a way, as I received my first mailing from the Pagan Federation today. I’d, always meant to join and I finally got around to it last week. So they sent me an A4 envelope of bumf (technical term) and a rather nice bag commemorating the 40th anniversary of the Pagan Federation. So yes, I’m a member of the federation. No super-fast starships and nifty uniforms though. (Don’t forget the prime directive; no interference in other people’s cultures!)

So, faith. What’s that when it’s at home. I have faith in my adorable husband, and no, I’m not just saying that because we’ve been married for 32 years. I really do. And he has faith in me. We’ve also been completely faith-full in all the years we’ve been together; which is actually 34 years. It’s not blind faith, the kind you have to have when you’re part of a religion. Though that really shouldn’t be blind anyway, else how are you going to test and question everything? There’s knowing each other so well, and yet, knowing that there are depths in each other that we cannot know. If you know what I mean! I think that what that faith is, is knowing beyond a doubt, that we mean only good for each other; that we would never deliberately hurt each other.

So, there’s that kind of faith. I’m leery of discussing my own religious faith because I believe that that sort of thing is private. My creed, though, goes along the lines of do as you would be done by. There’s also the other side of that, be done by as you did. Which constant reader will recognise as two names from The Water Babies by Charles Kingsley, all of its morals and Victorian views aside.

I have often said that while faith moves mountains, religion causes war, and I do hold to that. Which is why, though I reserve the right to bang on about my own personal faith, now and then, it’s not something I care to get into a shouting match over.


E is for… Eee by the ‘eck lad!


Shuffling in


  1. Kya

    That is great you joined the Pagan Federation, I hope that you get a lot of interesting information.

    It’s so wonderful that you have someone in your life that means so much to you, or that you mean so much to each other and can have that trust and faith in each other. It is a very special thing and I am happy for you. 😀

  2. I’ve never heard of the Pagan Federation, but it’s definitely something I’m looking up. Faith is so important. I have a marvelous husband too. My faith in him never wavers. Good luck with the Challenge!

  3. Well that all makes good sense to me . . . . I am passing as I struggle along through the A to Z list in a sort of mad rambling way. Which is how I do most thinks. I hope you make it to Z we are not far from halfway. If all else fails do a sneaky and do every other letter folk will never notice.

    Rob Z Tobor

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