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I’ve been faithfully renewing this domain every year, and it’s nearly due for renewal again. Of course I hate blogging. I hate journaling, though I give it a try at the beginning of every year. It’s just one more thing to beat myself up about. And a lot has changed since my last post back in 2014. There’s been a change in the family personnel. Jack, our dear and beloved black-and-white cat, died in may last year of kidney failure. We now have Ollie and Luna, two dark brown and white tabbies. Luna is featured in the photo at the top of the page, and Ollie is at the top of this post. We also have new hens in Willow, Laurel, Hazel, and Holly. We still have Shelley, but Buttercup died of a heart attack in january this year.

I’m experiencing my own change, in that I will be a student in a few weeks time. I’m going to be doing an MA in creative writing at Aberystwyth University. I’ve even started a blog for it. Of course! It’s over two years, part time, so not too much pressure I hope.

Oh, I left the Women’s Institute. They were a lovely group, don’t get me wrong. It’s not that they were unfriendly or cliquish. But after several years as a member and secretary, I still felt that I had nothing in common with any of the other members. They all went to the same churches, outside groups etc. while I didn’t see any of them from one meeting to another. Having lived in the area for decades; some since WWII; they had the same shortcuts, the same experiences. Which I, as a much younger person, could not share. So, reluctantly, I decided enough was enough, and I left. I have not regretted joining, but I also do not regret leaving.

So, having written this post, and if I renew the domain, will I then blog more often? Well that’s the plan. I don’t promise to write often, I’m not interested in so-called celebrity so there won’t be any speculation or gossip about that. In fact, I have no idea what I’m going to write about. No one is reading this rubbish anyway!


F is for Faith


Don’t Panic! Don’t Panic!

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  1. Hi There Serennau.
    I remember you when you was a Butterfly if I have it right, with Regina and the other Butterflies, I use to sign the Butterflies Guestbook quite a lot.
    I think your website is awesome Serennau.
    I came a cross you from visit Regina’s Guestbook.
    I hope you can remember me, I’ve got a website for my kitty Tibby.
    Sending love and very best wishes.
    Joan Taylor

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