…on a cold, dark day and nothing much has happened. It was a milk of magnesia day, as P would say. Another day of getting up late, due to a broken night and being too ill/it being too cold for me to go out. P and L went out to town and bought me two books to cheer me up! They are so sweet. They took a chance and got me two murder mysteries by authors I’ve not tried before. They look like being good choices too.

We didn’t get the snow that was predicted as we’re on the edge of it. It’s been bitterly cold though. So cold that Inara didn’t quibble when P fed her this morning but didn’t let her out of her run. Apparently, she looked outside and clucked as if to say, “not today thank you”. The Golden Girls only laid one egg today, which is not surprising given that it’s so cold and dark. This time last year I had to actually buy eggs as we only had two hens (Inara and Zoe) who didn’t lay at all in the autumn and winter. Bought eggs! I felt guilty buying them as well. We haven’t had to buy any this time, but it’s just as well that our favourite taxi company are on holiday, as I don’t think we would have had many spare eggs to give them.

I’ve been sorting through my domains, deciding which ones I want to drop next year. Amazingly, (amazing if you know me, that is) I will be dropping 26 domains! Mind you, I wouldn’t like to admit to how many I’ll be renewing next year or I’d faint, never mind anyone else. I do have a fair few. I am surprised at how many duplicates I have as well. I’ll be dropping some of those too. Except in the embarrassing situations where I have bought hosting for two domains that are almost the same. I also resolve to sit on an idea for a new domain for a week instead of rushing off and registering it on a whim.