Everybody Else Does

I’ve been looking round at other people’s blogs, as you do. I noticed a few things about the really popular blogs; you know the ones I mean, the ones that are so successful that the bloggers are able to live off them. To begin with, they are usually pretty plain, just black type on white. Which I am happy about, it’s easy to read. The other thing is, to make them even easier to read, they write in very short sentences.

With a sentence or two in one paragraph.

To make it easier on the reader to be able to go from one thought to another without having to draw a breath.

Because heaven knows, the people who read blogs these days have the attention span of a three-month-old and cannot possibly be expected to absorb something that will, y’know, make them actually do a little work and read.

We can’t have that now, can we?

Yes, well, I doubt I could keep it up for long, seeing as I was taught to write in paragraphs and words of more than a couple of syllables. The problem being, that we are all supposed to think of ‘net readers as being as thick as soup and twice as stupid. But that can’t really be true, can it? I mean, the bloggers, those famous ones, are reasonably intelligent people themselves. They’re certainly not stupid, though they tend to write in cliches, squeeze as many portentous terms into their writing as they can, and have some interesting ideas, albeit couched in those awful one-line sentences. Or they’ll write as if their opinion is the only one worth reading.

No, I’m not jealous. I have no wish to make my living from blogging; I’m not that serious about it. It’s just that I feel that those people are letting their readers down, while racking in the kudoes and more. That’s another thing, I hate the term “blogosphere”. I don’t why, I just do. It sounds confining and elitest and I’m one of those people who is never part of a group. I used to feel left out, but now I’m kind of proud to be me. To be a blogger who does it my way, and to heck with other people. So there!

In other news: I still have a cold. It decided, that as I had actually had a reasonably decent sleep the night before last, I didn’t deserve more than four straight hours last night. My eyes are so red that you’d think I had cried me a river. It was yet another cold and dark day, in which we watched more of “The Big Bang Theory”. I may not get the science references, but I do understand all the geek ones. Ah yes, I can remember the days of the “Crisis on Infinite Worlds”, the early days of the X-Men and I’d rather like to have a model of the time machine in my living room too. We’ve been trying to work out which of the group we are. I reckon that I’m half Penny and half Leonard. L is probably more like Sheldon that she’s willing to admit to, including being a science geek. And P is probably half Penny and half Raj.

Oh and I finished reading “Agatha Raisin and the Quiche of Death” by M C Beaton. It was hilarious!

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