Right, I’m back.

My site was hacked, but very gently. Thanks guys. I realise I shouldn’t have neglected my site. A neglected site gets hacked. So, I’m back and will be blogging again.

Rebel without a plot

Nanowrimo Rebel So, I’m a rebel. A rebel without a plot! Nanowrimo officially starts on november 1. It’s the same date every year; can’t be mistaken. But I am starting….well, I’ve started today. So far I’ve written 630 words of the first chapter of “The Iron Butterfly”. And you know what? I’m proud to be a rebel!

There is a reason behind my rebellion. Last year, Nanowrimo began on the day my Mother died. I got on with my novel, starting a week late. But it was very difficult, especially as the theme of my novel was motherhood. How I got through it, only my counsellor and I know. I was full up with anger, grief and bewilderment. How could my Mother just die? I don’t want to get into that here though. I probably don’t need to say it but I will, this year’s official start is going to be a tad tricky too as it will be the first anniversary of Mum’s death. Also, P and I are going to Barcelona one week in november. So I decided to be gentle to myself and allow myself to start early, to make up for the week that I will not be writing.

And that is why I am a Nanowrimo rebel. I was very glad to see that rebellion is sanctioned at the Nano site, with a forum devoted to us. I remember one year I stated my intention to go on with something I had already started, and wished I hadn’t as I was told that I was a cheater, a rotten cheater and I was probably in the habit of snatching sweets away from little children and running away laughing as well. It was so nasty that I avoided nano for a couple of years. This year, I see that accusations of cheating are frowned on.

Rebel without a plot? Hah, I’ve started writing with nothing more than a vague idea and a first sentence. To my delight, the first scene has just flown along. I doubt it will always be this easy, but perhaps this will be fun this year and not so much a grim, do or die, neck or nothing, gritted teeth race to the end of the month.

blog move imminent!

I’m changing the name that I’m known by on the ‘net. After the death of my mother last november I decided to reclaim my real name, Eunice. The domain seren.nu is due to be renewed in a couple of weeks, but I won’t be doing that. Instead, I’ve bought the domain indelible.nu and I’ll be switching the domain I use for my blog. Fingers crossed that it works! If it doesn, the next time I post will be from the new domain.

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Doing a bit of catching up

Okay, I promised I’d tell about the Women’s Institute group I joined. Well, thankfully I seem to have joined the rebel group! There are only around 16 members, unlike some of the other groups that have upwards of 50. They are more formal, singing “Jerusalem” at the beginning of the meetings and much more strictly organised. Whereas our group (yes, I can say “our” now!) is so small that it was decided years ago that everyone would be the committee. There are the usual officers, like chairwoman, secretary, treasurer, minutes secretary and records keeper. But the rest of us all have a say in what goes on.
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I’ve got folks visiting from swap-bot and I haven’t tidied the place up yet! If you’re here from swap-bot, welcome! And if you’re not, but you’re here anyway, welcome to you too!

I have taken leave of my senses obviously, as I’ve signed up to nanowrimo. I tried it a couple of times a long time ago, but didn’t get anywhere, so I missed the last two years. But with me now doing a creative writing course, I thought, oh what the heck! Nothing ventured and all that. I have a blog for it, of course, at HerWords. It’s a blogspot blog with my own domain. I have a fair few blogs in fact: around four at the last count. I can’t resist them!

I will try to write more tomorrow, but right now I must get on with things! So, nos da for now!

The W.I.

I’m about to leave the house in a few minutes to go to a meeting of the Women’s Institute! I decided to join up. Well, I guess that at 49 I’m about old enough to join! L reckons it will be like the Girl Guides for older ladies, cheeky brat! But oooh, I wish there was a jam-making badge, or one for backing cakes. When I come back I will be able to tell you if they really do sing “Jerusalem”! Nos da!

Show Of Hands

No, I’m not asking anyone to wave their hands around in the air. It’s the name of a band I’ve just “discovered”. I was in Andy’s Records in Aber today, looking for an album by The Imagined Village. (Yes, I’m old enough to still call them albums.) He didn’t have anything in, but said he’d order a copy of “Empire and Love” for me. And in one of the reasons why I love independent record shops; he asked if I’d heard of Show of Hands. He’d heard them just a couple of nights ago in Portmerion. I hadn’t, so he put on their cd for me to listen to. I loved it! So I bought their best of album, “The Best of Show of Hands”. It’s two cds in a nice sturdy cover, with a proper lyrics booklet. I’m currently listening to the second cd and absolutely loving it. If you like folk with a bit of a bite: none of that, finger in one ear, hey-nonny-no silliness; you’d love them too.

I got soaked today, wandering around in town in the pouring rain. I took the hood off my jacket a while ago and now I can’t find it. *facepalm* Good one! I was in Kraxis, buying a Portmerion jumbo tea cup and saucer, and the nice lady who runs the shop commented that the rain wasn’t as bad as yesterday. And it wasn’t, then, just stealth drizzle as I call it. As soon as I started to leave the shop, the angels decided to throw their washing water away. Or their bathwater, or something like that. I only walked a few yards up the road to the Old College and I had to walk hunched over because of the wind. It was coming straight off the sea, at the end of Pier Street.

And why was I going to Old College? Why, to sign up for a beginner’s drawing evening class, which beings next month. I’ve never done anything like that before; my days of art at school were not distinguished. But as I’ll be starting a creative writing course with the OU, I thought I’d try to use the other side of my brain as well. So, for eight weeks at the Arts Centre, I’ll be learning to draw! Who knows, if any of my efforts are not too hideous, I may even let you see them!

Well, all for now. Sorry for staying away for so long. I’m not a natural blogger; I don’t even like keeping a paper journal. But I’m back again. Nos da!

So I changed my mind

Okay, I decided to build a new blog for letter writing stuff after all. It’s The Rhydgaled Post. Yes, I’ve joined the blogging letter writers!

In other news, it’s hot. And I hate the heat with a vengeance. Can we have autumn now please?

Letters and all that kind of thing

I’ve been riding one of my hobby horses again, this time letter-writing, penpals, stationery and all that sort of thing. I’ve also been looking at a lot of blogs on the subject. I toyed with the idea of starting up a new blog on letters and penpalling, but thought nah, why make work for myself? I might as well just add posts on that to this blog and get that silly idea right out of my head. Letter blogs are great, but it is only one facet of my butterfly personality, so I don’t need to specialise. If you get my drift.

I’ve decided to do something daft (what again?) and write a letter every day for a year. I picked today to start, which is probably a silly idea as I also decided to try making a minizine every day in july as it’s international zine month. But obviously letter writing is going to be the topic of one day’s minizine, so I fuss two cats with one hand. (My daughter invented that saying because, as an ornithologist, she really does not like the bird in a hand phrase.) I’ll make a separate post about that later as daughter and I are about to go to have lunch at our favourite Indian restaurant, the Shilam. Though we call it the Shilpa, in honour of Shilpa Shetty. (She has a wikipedia entry, if you don’t know who she is.) So, I had better go and get booted and suited and head out for delicious noms!