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Grrrr verisign. Just saying

So, verisign is putting the price of com/net/org domains by 7% again. I can’t understand why they need to put the price up every year. It’s not as if they have to buy a lot of stock that’s also gone up in price. So I’ve decided to let most of my com/net/org domains drop and replace them with instead. Those are cheaper and Nominet don’t hike up the price every five minutes when they feel like it.

In other news: Shelley has been laying eggs for around 16 days now! She lays the cutest little eggs that are half the size of Inara’s. However, she’s now gone broody and is proving to be a stubborn little madam about it too. Typical black rock! (Even though she’s only half a block rock.) I’m doing my best to stop her, but I’m not hard-hearted enough to force her to sleep outdoors again. I did it for one night and felt like a right cruel so-and-so. It didn’t help when she kept making miserable sounding little cheeps every time she saw me. Hens!

Beginning again

No, not beginning a blog all over again (though I’ve been guilty of that a fair few times). I lost just about everything I’d ever put onto a computer over the past few years, when my external hard drive fried. I don’t know what happened: a tech bod my husband consulted thinks there may have been a sudden power surge that fried its little bits. At the moment, it’s being sent to a company who, hopefully, touch wood, will be able to recover the data. It has graphics, websites, stories, my OU essays: all sorts of things. I’m trying not to think about what is on it, or I’d cry.

I’ve been able to get back most of my sites by downloading them from the ‘net. The problem is, so many of them had their passwords stored on the hard drive and I hadn’t put them in a notebook, as I usually do. Thankfully, some of them were on my resellers, which enabled me to change the passwords, so I could them download them. Some have been lost. I had cancelled one reseller and company that hosted another of mine had closed down. I had reassigned the domains, but had not yet uploaded the content, which is sitting, you’ve guessed it, on that hard drive. I can only hope.

However, I was very naughty today and treated myself to a new .nu domain. I’d been renewing and noticed Namecheap’s “marketplace”. Which is where customers of theirs can sell their domains. I’d bought one through that before and now I thought I’d just check the .nu domains. Just in case. And bought I know, I know. So now I have seven .nu domains. Seven! *sigh* I am addicted to the pretty things.

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