Well, I’ve managed to finish my first book of the year and watched my first movie. I didn’t actually go to the cinema though. I have something of an aversion to cinemas, so all the movies, if not most of them, will be via dvd. I won’t count movies I watch as TV programmes as they’re usually chopped about and full of adverts.

The movie is “Moon”, that low-budget SF movie. Though I just know that someone is going to bleat “it’s not really sci fi”. *shudder* It was a good movie, though it threw up a few questions. I love those slow, languid, movies that are confined to one ship; like “Event Horizon” or “Sunshine”. But never ever “SuperNova”. Let’s just pretend it never existed, shall we? I adore James Spader and admire Mr Diamond Phillips too, but not that movie. Dreadful is too mild a word for it.

The book is “Painted In Blood” by Pip Vaughan-Hughes. It had me rushing to wikipedia to read up about the Cathars and why the 13th century Catholic church hated them so much. Brilliant stuff; great characters and a cracking plot.

In other news, I’ve been rather let down by my Buffalo external hard drive. I’d put all my files onto it; not just used it as a back up. And now the thing’s knackered and I’ve lost everything. It’s enough to make a perfecti swear. (Little Cathar humour there!) With a bit of luck, I’ll take it into the computer shop on monday and they’ll be able to fix it, or at least recover my files. I hope!