Nanowrimo Rebel So, I’m a rebel. A rebel without a plot! Nanowrimo officially starts on november 1. It’s the same date every year; can’t be mistaken. But I am starting….well, I’ve started today. So far I’ve written 630 words of the first chapter of “The Iron Butterfly”. And you know what? I’m proud to be a rebel!

There is a reason behind my rebellion. Last year, Nanowrimo began on the day my Mother died. I got on with my novel, starting a week late. But it was very difficult, especially as the theme of my novel was motherhood. How I got through it, only my counsellor and I know. I was full up with anger, grief and bewilderment. How could my Mother just die? I don’t want to get into that here though. I probably don’t need to say it but I will, this year’s official start is going to be a tad tricky too as it will be the first anniversary of Mum’s death. Also, P and I are going to Barcelona one week in november. So I decided to be gentle to myself and allow myself to start early, to make up for the week that I will not be writing.

And that is why I am a Nanowrimo rebel. I was very glad to see that rebellion is sanctioned at the Nano site, with a forum devoted to us. I remember one year I stated my intention to go on with something I had already started, and wished I hadn’t as I was told that I was a cheater, a rotten cheater and I was probably in the habit of snatching sweets away from little children and running away laughing as well. It was so nasty that I avoided nano for a couple of years. This year, I see that accusations of cheating are frowned on.

Rebel without a plot? Hah, I’ve started writing with nothing more than a vague idea and a first sentence. To my delight, the first scene has just flown along. I doubt it will always be this easy, but perhaps this will be fun this year and not so much a grim, do or die, neck or nothing, gritted teeth race to the end of the month.